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Internships in Maldives

Internship/ Work Visa is the permit issued for a foreigner to stay in Maldives for the
purpose of employment. More information can be found on the official Maldives
Immigration website: https://immigration.gov.mv/work-visa/


Internship: – $150 – $250 USD as Stipend + Tips
Work Visa:- Basic Salary $250-$350 USD.
+ Service Charge $250 to $400 USD + Tips

20-35 years of age

English Level: Intermediate or Advanced

A current student or graduate with up to 5 years of degree qualification.
Those who passed out 3 year diplomas will also be considered. Experience
within the field is always an advantage. Placements will directly relate to the
applicant’s educational qualifications and individual desires.

Hospitality & Catering

Placements are recognized throughout Maldives.

Process Duration:
4-5 Months



Submission of Registration Files:

  1. Completed CV
  2. Photo File in word format
  3. Medical health screening report of the employee issued from a
    Hospital/Clinic authorized by the relevant government authority
  4. Submission of supporting documents by
  • University degrees/diplomas / mark sheets / attestation letters and
    otherrelevant training certificates in English.
  • Copies of certificate(s) of employment from previous employer(s)
    on official letterhead paper. Please note that certificate(s) must
    detail specific duties and responsibilities.
  • Copy of passport showing front cover, photo, number and signature.

5. Signed Payment Policy.

Please note: This list is not exhaustive and for certain sectors, categories and
professions, you may be requested to provide additional information


  • Pre-validation of applicant qualifications in line with the program.
    Arrangement of a quality program that is appropriate to the core needs
    of the individual.
  • CV Photo File guidance.
  • The arrangement of a certificate of sponsorship (work permit), by
    a partner organization.
  • Arranged visa support services, by a partner organization.
  • The arrangement of residential accommodation.
  • The arrangement of a travel plan.
  • The arrangement of airport transfers.
  • Ongoing care and support while in Maldives.



  1. We retain the right to reject any applicant that it considers is
    not suitable for the program.
  2. under no circumstances will Arise International accept contingent liability
  • Delays in the process or outcome of a studyplacement.
  • Delays in the process or outcome of a work placement.
  • Delays in the process or outcome of a work permit application
    or study registration.
  • The actions of participants.
  • The actions of the host establishment (host company)
  • The actions of the education center.
  • The maximum length of program will be shown on the
    offer letter and/or work permit/study permit.

3.Participants agree to abide by all laws of the host country

All participants are strongly advised to purchase personal insurance to
cover the following and in advising so, Arise International or associated
companies will not accept contingent liability for any matters relating to any
issues relating to any details listed here in:

  • Medical emergencies
  • 24 hour assistance services
  • Personal accident
  • Cancellation & curtailment of transport
  • Accommodation costs
  • Loss of personal possessions
  • Emergency return home
  • Personal Public Liability Indemnity

Participants will submit all documentation requested in a timely
fashion and in a good legible condition.

All fees must be paid in line with the payment policy:

  • Participants will not contact the host establishment/s unless
    agreed by Arise International.
  • Participants must arrive to start their program on the dates
    specified by the host establishment, once visa entry
    clearance has been granted.
  • Participants must complete all assignments set by the host establishment.
  • Participants must complete all language and academic
    assignments set by the host establishment.
  • Any misrepresentation in conjunction with information
    provided will result in immediate cancellation and
    termination of participation in the program and no refunds
    will be made in such cases.
  • Third Party Policy – By agreeing to participate in the program, it is
    understood that you are giving Arise International your permission
    and authorization to disclose information about yourself to other
    third parties.

What is included/not included in the fees?

The following is included in
the fees outlined aboveThe following is not included in
the fees outlined above

The following is included in
the fees outlined above
The following is not included in
the fees outlined above
Placement Match
Transportation Personal expenses
Housing / Meals


  • No application will be processed until we receive the application fee
    together with all application documentation.
  • Arise International asks that all payments are made within 7 days of a
    payment after request being issued.
  • We recognize that there can be delays with bank transfers. Please email or
    fax bank transfer confirmation of payment to Arise International so we
    may easily and promptly identify the inward transfer.
  • Please note: Arise International is unable to arrange the visa support
    documentation unless full program and service fees are received. We
    encourage our partners/applicants to make prompt payment so there are
    no delays with visa submission.
  • All partners/applicants are asked to advise our Finance Manager if
    invoices are paid.
  • All applicants are responsible for all bank charges including those
    incurred by refunds.