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Internships in Malaysia


  • Offer Malaysia and International Vocational skill
  • Prepare Malaysian and International students for skills-based
  • Allow trainees to learn entrepreneurial
  • Provide opportunities for trainees to obtain gain full employment as skilled employees or


  • Qualifications are recognized by Malaysia and international certification bodies.
  • Training will be undertaken at one of the biggest Training Centers in the country with highly trained, experienced and dedicated trainers and
  • Trainees will also benefit from the campus experience with exposure to personal development and living
  • Trainees will undertake accredited, audited and certified internships with recognized companies in Malaysia.
  • Skills Malaysia INVITE boasts corporate links with industry

Skill Development Program


Skills Training for Employment: Skills Malaysia INVITE program

International Technical Education and Vocational Training Program in Malaysia (or better known as INVITE) is a government initiative designed specifically for international students. It was developed with the aim of producing graduates with comprehensive skills and knowledge in technical and vocational disciplines to become skilled employees or entrepreneurs.

The Department of Skills Development (DSD) of the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia is the government agency responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Skills Malaysia INVITE program. DSD believes that this program will provide an opportunity for international students to equip themselves with valuable skills that can enhance their employability.

DSD welcomes international students to develop their Abilities through this program in Malaysia.


International Technical Education &Vocational Training Program in Malaysia (INVITE) is an innovative initiative developed with the aim of preparing technical and vocational training graduates with competencies for both Malaysian and International students.

INVITE is designed to provide comprehensive skills including technical skills, communication language skills, office administrative technological skills and knowledge of running a business. Armed with these skills, trainees are prepared for eventual and successful employment as skilled employees or as entrepreneurs.

The Skills Malaysia INVITE Internship Program offers trainees a unique experience to receive.

First-hand experience in the related trade learnt at the accredited center. The program bridges the gap between trainees and “real-life” practice. The internship is offered either at the end of the course or concurrently when trainees are undergoing classroom training.

The internship process is accredited, audited and Certified by the Accredited Training Centers and the Government of Malaysia.


Steps to start procedure: 

  • Documents have to be forwarded for application process.
  • Offer letter will be issued in 2 weeks once all documents are submitted as per requirement. Step 3: Student has to pay an initial application fees 3000 MYR for processing.
  • Visa would be processed through EMGS.
  • Once VAL is approved by EMGS, the balance fees 11,500MYR to be paid within 5 working days.
  • Visa stamping will be done in Malaysian Embassy.

Program Highlights:

  • 6 months student visa with
  • 1 Month Orientation & 5 Months
  • Placements will be arranged in Star Hotels &
  • Allowances 1,000 MYR to 1,200 MYR Per month*.
  • Opportunity to get Study visa for USA after completion of program.
  • Accommodation provided.
  • Airport pick up.


Important Note: As there is contract between the College and the Work Placement Provider (Restaurant/Hotel) the student is only able to carry out this training at the designated location. He / She will have ID mentioning his training provider’s details and therefore cannot change the Host during his training period.

The accommodation provided would normally be a dormitory type which is common in Hotel Industry and applicant has to be aware of this condition. Subsequently staff food will be provided by the employer. If applicants are not willing to stay in the accommodation provided by the Hotel, then they could look for accommodation by spending on their own. If applicant is willing to stay outside on their own by sharing accommodation with friends or   other member’s they should inform   Institute the same. If incase Visa is rejected, then the application fees and enrollment fees are nonrefundable